Scottish Museums Day 2019

We're delighted to be bringing back our wildly successful Scottish Museums Day for a FOURTH year! So, get ready and mark your calendar for October 3rd!




What is Scottish Museums Day?




It's a social media day dedicated to celebrating what we love about our museums and galleries.




How do I join in?




On Scottish Museums Day, tweet or post what you love on social media using the hashtag #ScottishMuseumsDay. Just share what your favourite place is, your favourite object is, or why you love museums!




You seem to be talking about museums a lot....




This is true, but you don't have to be a museum to join in. #ScottishMuseumsDay rolls off the tongue a bit better, but it’s not exclusive to museums! Anyone and any organisation can take part! From museums to galleries, libraries to archives, we just want you to shout about and share what you love!




So, what do I have to do?




If you work in an organisation or are an organisation, think about your collection. What are your star objects, what do you love about your museum? Ask your staff what their favourite objects are. Ask the people who do your organisations social media if they know about Scottish Museums Day; get them involved! Plan in your content, either to share automatically on social media, or to tweet about on October 3rd.




Sounds pretty straightforward, is there a catch?




No catch! Scottish Museums Day is run by the Scottish Museums Federation, a volunteer run group of heritage and museum professionals, who are passionate about heritage, culture, museums and having fun with heritage.




Awesome. So what next?




Join us on October 3rd, as we have fun and celebrate #ScottishMuseumsDay and shout about what we love about heritage!




Actually, I do have a question!


Great! Get in touch with us on Twitter or email us and we'll respond as soon as we can!