Mentoring for All

Mentoring for All is a pilot mentoring scheme that will run across England and Scotland from June to November 2017.


The aim of the scheme is to make mentoring as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible. The scheme will also ensure that mentoring is not solely aligned to a formal training and development programme, but is available to all, beyond particular groups or grades.


Following extensive research, Mentoring for All is positioned within current thinking and academic research on the impact and efficacy of mentoring, and will incorporate the best aspects of different schemes from different sectors, reflecting the wants and needs of our own sector.


Who is it for?


Anyone who is:


•working, volunteering or contributing to the sector from a freelance perspective

•working in England or Scotland (there is one place available to a mentee and a mentor in Scotland)


Mentoring for All is open to anyone within the sector - there is no requirement that you are a member of the Museums Association.


Whether you are a mentor or mentee, your relationship and this project will help you develop personally and professionally. The pilot is looking for both mentors and mentees to participate. Development and support is part of the programme from training to supervision.


What are the benefits?


•Protected time to reflect on your personal and professional development

•A safe non-judgemental space to share your challenges and be challenged

•Distance to see things from different perspectives and outlooks

•Network expansion and resilience and confidence building


These benefits apply as equally to mentors as to mentees as we believe that there is always reciprocal learning.


How much does it cost?


It does not cost anything, other than time to attend the workshops and mentoring meetings. Ring-fenced resources are in place to support both travel costs and access needs.


How to apply


Please complete the Mentee or Mentor application form and send it to Tamsin Russell, professional development officer, tamsin@museumsassociation.org


For more information please read the supporting guidance, contact Tamsin, or participate in the scheduled Twitter talks at the hashtag #MentoringForAll for hints and tips to apply and more information about the scheme.


All applications should be submitted by 10am on Monday 24 April 2017.


Selection process


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in telephone interviews on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 May 2017.


Matching Process


Successful mentees will participate in a matching conversation on Tuesday 9 or Wednesday 10 May 2017.




Successful applicants will be invited to participate in workshops looking at their roles as mentees and mentors. This training is timetabled for Monday 16 May 2017.


Mentor Supervision


Supervision is a critical component of mentoring and a supervision event will take place in September 2017.


Mentoring for All is primarily funded by Arts Council England, and has been developed in line with recommendations made by last year's Character Matters report that looked at attitudes, behaviours and skills in the museum workforce.


All downloads are available on the Museums Association Website