We provide support for continuous professional development with our small grants scheme.


To be eligible, applicants should have been Scottish Museums Federation members for at least 12 months.


Applying for a grant from the Scottish Museums Federation


Grants are available to members of the Scottish Museums Federation for professional development.

The following rules apply:


■  Applicants must have been a member for at least one full calendar year

■  Grants will not exceed £200

■  Applications must be submitted by the end of December or the end of June

■  Grants are only given for activities which will assist in the professional development of the applicant

■  Applications must be submitted to the Membership Officer

■  Successful applicants may be requested to give a presentation at the Spring or Autumn Meeting

■  Only two grants are made each year

■  The decision of the committee is final


Grants are allocated once a year following discussion and then final decision by the committee.

In some cases the committee will ask for more information from the applicant before making a decision.


Occasionally, additional funding is made available, for example to attend the Museums Association conference or other significant events being held in Scotland. Details of these one-off grants

are announced directly to members as they become available.


Please click the button below for information on what to include in your application

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